From the durability of a compact laminate to the diverse colour palates of both high and low-pressure laminates,

Lanwood partitioning has it covered. 

Our range of partitions cater to a variety of different applications, whether it is the local community swimming pool, a childcare centre,

a school or upmarket executive offices.

Having served the industry for 50 years, we have the capacity and experience to provide a range of partitions that will suit your needs.

New Range!

As a result of our continued product development, we have introduced a new range, Neo which features floor to ceiling partitions for ultimate privacy. Great option for areas requiring a unisex system.


 We are now also able to supply custom made shower and changing room seating using 13mm Laminex Compact Laminate. We can provide either foldable seating or bench seating which is fixed to the floor using our 40x40 box section aluminium posts.


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 Lanwood partitioning is now LIVE on Masterspec. Specifying quality and functionality has never been easier


Laminex board is Greenguard certified which means there are low levels of chemical emissions resulting in an improved air quality in which the product is used. 


The 13mm compact laminate which we get from Laminex NZ is Protec+ certified antimicrobial to JIS 2801:2000 -proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface up to 99% within 24 hours. With this decreased level of bacteria and fungi comes an increased level of hygiene while nasty odours and staining are substantially reduced.

 Check out our range below


Lanwood partitioning present Classic, a partition system incorporating the vast range high pressure laminates currently available

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Lanwood partitioning present Roma, a partition system utilising 13mm compact laminate panels, designed to give an economical suite suitable for all conditions. PROTEC

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Lanwood partitioning present Ultra, a partition system utilising 13mm Laminex compact laminate featuring floor to ceiling fascia to give an ultra modern look. PROTEC 

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Regency LPL

Lanwood partitioning presents Regency LPL, a partition system utilising 18mm LPL melamine panels, with high impact 2mm PVC edging.

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Lanwood partitioning presents Neo, a unisex partition system utilising 13mm Laminex compact laminate. PROTEC

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Lanwood partitioning present Junior, a partition system specially designed for childcare and pre-school applications. Junior is adapted from our Roma range. PROTEC

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Lanwood partitioning present Sampson, a robust partition system utilising 13mm compact laminate panels, with full height aluminium box section posts. PROTEC

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